The Warrior Athletic and Arts Foundation is excited to introduce a range of sponsorship opportunities to help not only Jupiter Community High School students and athletes but also the community. These sponsorships will raise the much-needed funds to help improve the school’s diverse set of athletic and arts programs, to assist with capital projects, to upgrade campus facilities, and to enrich students’ lives while in high school.

Sponsor-the-Arts: $10,000

Donate Sponsor-the-Arts is a unique opportunity to support the growing arts education program at Jupiter Community High School. With course offerings that range from painting, pottery, and photography to drama, chorus, and band, the school is in constant need of art supplies and funding for performances. Sponsorship money will help buy clay, paint, canvases, cameras, costumes, uniforms, musical instruments, and even new technology to keep the arts program one of the best in the county.

Sponsor-a-Classroom: $2,500


Have you ever had that one educator whose classroom activities made you love learning, who went above and beyond to improve your school experience? If yes then help Jupiter Community High School’s elite group of educators provide those same opportunities for current students. Funds raised through Sponsor-a-Classroom will go to teaching supplies, field trips, class projects, technology upgrades, and student awards.

Sponsor-a-Sport: $2,500


Sponsor-a-Sport is a great way to show support for one of 30 athletic teams at Jupiter Community High School. The school has one of the largest and strongest athletic programs in the area, and funds from this initiative will allow its teams to continue to compete at the highest levels. Sponsorship money will assist teams in purchasing new uniforms, athletic gear, athletic insurance, travel costs, and even postseason championship costs.

Doug Ferguson Field Complex: $100,000


Doug Ferguson Field Complex is home to the 2018 state champion baseball program and the Lady Warrior softball program. During the season, the complex hosts, on average, 1,000 visitors per week and features an exclusive parking area. Sponsors will help fund new batting cages, field maintenance, athletic equipment, and complex upgrades.

Earl McGee Gymnasium - $100,000


Sponsoring the school’s gymnasium is an excellent opportunity for your company’s name and logo to be on display during the highly-attended volleyball and basketball games, in addition to other indoor competitions and events that draw hundreds of spectators. The gym is home to pep rallies, homecoming activities, and athletic recognition ceremonies like Warrior Signing Day.

Auditorium: $100,000


Jupiter Community High School’s auditorium is home to an engaging arts education program that features theater, orchestra, chorus, and band. In addition to musical and dramatic performances, the auditorium hosts multiple awards and induction ceremonies throughout the school year, in addition to the highly-attended Wall of Fame that celebrates athletes annually. Auditorium sponsors will help fund beautification initiatives for the auditorium to make it a state-of-the art facility.

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