The foundation is excited about the numerous opportunities to help our students at Jupiter Community High School! Just getting started in 2021, we see this foundation as the backbone for raising the necessary resources to improve the school’s different programs and assist with their capital projects moving forward. Our Board and supporting cast are extremely dedicated and passionate about this initiative!

Sponsor a Hallway: $25,000

Sponsor a Hallway is a community initiative to support student academic achievement in the classroom. As a hallway sponsor you will help our school stay clean and sanitized for our students, faculty and staff. Furthermore, your sponsorship will provide much needed support in purchasing school supplies, textbooks, technology upgrades, furniture and equipment needed to provide a world class education for all students.

Sponsor a Classroom: $10,000

Have you ever had that one educator that made you love education? Cared about your needs before their own? If you answered yes, then help our educators provide the same opportunities to their students. Sponsor a classroom will assist teacher with classroom necessities, virtual field trips, class projects, and student awards. Each classroom is unique and provides a world class education to roughly 250 students daily through our Regular School Day. To learn what classrooms host Adult Education Classes in the evening please email suzanne.smith@palmbeachschools.org.

Sponsor an Athlete $2500

Sponsor an athlete is a great way to show your support for your kids, grandkids, or maybe a colleague's child. These funds will help to assist in the purchase of team uniforms, athletic insurance, travel cost, and post season championship materials.

Doug Ferguson Field Complex - $150,000

Doug Ferguson Field Complex is home to our Lady Warrior's Softball and Warrior Men's State Championship Baseball programs. Our Field Complex sees on average 1,000 visitors a week with an exclusive parking area for all visitors to our Sports Complex. See your name on various social media platforms when people check-in to watch the Warriors crush the competition at home and during semi-finals and final competitions.

Earl McGee Gymnasium - $100,000

Earl McGee Gymnasium is an action-packed opportunity for your company to be seen by the masses. With over 2,000 seats and major events including volleyball, basketball, pep-rallies, homecoming, and Warrior Welcome you are guaranteed to be seen in-person and online. Our gymnasium is more than a hub to play, but also home to the highly anticipated Senior Warrior Signing Day celebration.

Joe & Kathy Lang Tennis Courts - $75,000

Joe and Cathy Lang Tennis Courts is undoubtedly one of the finest courts located in Northern Palm Beach County. With six main courses overlooking Military Trail this facility provides amazing opportunities for your corporation to be noticed by the masses. Each day Military Trail sees on average 200,000 daily drivers, walkers, and exercise gurus. Your sponsorship will assist in the betterment of our tennis athletes and community members with high interest in the practice and education of Tennis.

James Hilliker Auditorium - $100,000

At the James Hilliker Auditorium, we're committed to enriching the lives of students through an engaging and enlightened arts education program in theater, orchestra, chorus, and band. Our comprehensive arts education program provides numerous opportunities to enrich the lives of our students and the community. A few prominent events hosted in the James Hilliker Auditorium consist of award ceremonies, musical performances, plays, talent shows, and even our End of the year Wall of Fame ceremony to honor top athletes and coaches for an outstanding year.

Looking for a way to serve or support?

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